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Smells Fabulous!

This smells so good. The packaging is great as well. Thank you so much!!!

No happy with the fragrance

Not the size you see

The size they show you and the size you get are totally different

If I could give ZERO stars I would. I thought I was ordering the bottle shown, it’s literally a three squirt sample. Not to mention it’s a mens cologne that came w a hot pink tube for the sample to go in. Total waste of money. Never again. 🙄

Awesome smell

It's my first time trying Vicktor Rolf fragrances and I really liked this one im a green apple fan in everything,candy, icee etc so.i loved that this parfum has this definitely will keep using it. Thanks MNF

Absolutely amazing

I love MNF. The professionalism and the well thought and care that went into these products is absolutely amazing.


This smells absolutely delicious! O wasn't sure what scent to try and was recommended Tiger Lily and I couldn't be happier. This is a keeper. I am so happy to have this.

I’m absolutely in love with this!
Loved the fragrance. Your customer service team was amazing in helping me find just the right scent.


I loved the scent, the customer service is top tier. Very engaging and cared about my opinion and thoughts


Candy Night is a very enticing fragrance. It kinda smells a little bit like marshmallows to me. It is a candy-like powdery scent that is more mature but it is wonderful and I really do like it. The patchouli scent is strong in this perfume. Love it!


La Femme L'eau by Prada is an amazing scent and smells pretty. I love the combination of floral scents in this perfume. You can definitely smell Frangipani and Ylang-Ylang the most, which are the top notes. This perfume is one of my favorites. Highly recommend if you like smelling like a garden as much as I do.


I love this scent the most out of all the Prada fragrances. It's a very feminine and floral scent. I am absolutely in love with Candy Florale. I could smell this fragrance on myself all day for the rest of my life! It is a very beautiful scent.

This one is gonna be really nice when it gets a little cooler! Wife seems to really like it, as far as first impressions go...❤️🔥

Yes irelly like it thank you so much

Love this fragrance!

Very nicely blended fragrance! My wife loves this, and I do as well... This one is a banger here for all the lady's! Full bottle worthy...❤️🔥


Amazing as expected! A couple sprays and you will have the women chasing you down!

The perfume smell awful. I think it was a man cologne . Wouldn’t buy again!

Hey Tomikia! You're correct, Uomo Born in Roma Intense is a Cologne. We do list this information in the description. Valentino distinguishes there line of fragrances with Uomo "For Men" and Donna "For Women". We highly recommend you try Donna Born in Roma Intense. I think it would be much more to your liking.

It is a nice little sample bottle with a little container to hold it in quite satisfied

Thank You Rudy for your feedback! You picked a solid choice for a Fresh and Woodsy Cologne. Hope you're creating some memorable moments while wearing this scent!

It wasn’t what I was expecting never again

Hey ShaQuana! We'd love to know more about what you were expecting versus what you got? Could you let us know more on your thoughts? We'd love to hear it!

Very good. Nice scent and lasts long. Good stuff!!!!

Earl we too love Homme Sport! Such a excellent summertime fragrance. If you liked this you need to check out Dior Homme Cologne. Such a fresh and clean version of Homme Sport.

Did not receive

I have not received it